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Yes, it really did start in a garage.

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Quidsi owns and operates a family of sites linked together by the promise to make Mom’s life easier with fast, free shipping, award-winning customer care, and one shared cart & checkout. Quidsi continues to redefine e-commerce by changing the way people shop for almost every part of their lives. At Quidsi (Latin for "what if"), we dare to think big and explore every possibility.


We are the mom-centric retail technology company. We understand Mom and deliver delightful experiences, products, and expertise at the moment she needs them. We are the modern mom’s best friend.


In 2005, best friends Marc Lore and Vinit Bharara started Diapers.com with a simple idea—to make life easier for new parents. They built the business from scratch, often working nights and weekends and enlisting friends & family to help with basic operations. But there was one huge obstacle: most major manufacturers wouldn't sell their products to a start-up. So, using their personal credit cards, they rented trucks and headed to wholesale stores up and down the east coast to buy diapers, wipes, and formula in bulk.

Marc and Vinit opened a formal office in Montclair, NJ in 2006, and the following year hired their first full-time employee. By 2009, the company was renamed Quidsi. Over the course of just a few years, Quidsi had launched Soap.com for health, beauty, and household essentials; BeautyBar.com, a luxury beauty destination; Wag.com, a pet specialty site; YoYo.com for toys, books, and games; Casa.com for decor and home products; VineMarket.com for natural and organic groceries; AfterSchool.com for kids' sports and activities; and Look.com for kids' clothing. Moms all over the world now had a seamless way to shop for everything they needed with one shared cart and easy checkout.

Amazon purchased Quidsi in 2011, though the company still operates independently from its Jersey City office. Here's an idea of how far the company has come in such a short span of time: In 2006, Quidsi had two employees; today, it has more than a thousand. Quidsi continues to focus on innovating e-commerce and being there for Mom with whatever she may need.