Quidsi Guiding Principles

Quidsi Mission

We are the mom-centric retail technology company. We understand Mom and deliver delightful experiences, products, and expertise at the moment she needs them. We are the modern mom's best friend.

Guiding Principles

The principles below represent the best of our culture. They describe the ideals we aspire to as a company. Taken together, they guide us toward fulfilling our mission.

Put Mom First

- Always think about Mom first: how to delight her and earn her trust.

Own It

- Be an entrepreneur at Quidsi, take responsibility, ask for more, and never say, “That's not my job.”


- Invest in relationships by collaborating, building trust, and finding common ground.

Make (the Right) Things Happen

- Move quickly to take calculated risks using your best judgment.

Be Kind

- Respect each other, always, even when mistakes are made.

Hire and Develop the Best

- Set the bar high because investing in others is investing in the success of Quidsi.

Be Open

- Take responsibility for decisions and actions, especially when things aren't perfect.

Peel Back the Onion

- The surface is often misleading. Rigorously analyze to uncover the hidden layers.

Work Smart

- Apply your limited time, effort, and resources to the right challenges and goals.

Deliver and Celebrate Results

- Focus on your key contributions and inputs, executing well and without delay. Then acknowledge the wins.

Think Big

- Believe in yourself and in those around you. Believe big things are possible, and always ask, "What If?"

Our Culture

What if your job was more than just a job?

What if your coworkers brought out the extraordinary in you?

What if you worked at Quidsi?

At Quidsi, every day is different from the last. It's what keeps us on our toes and constantly moving ahead. And it's why we've grown tremendously in our short but incredible history. To become such a dynamic force in the e-commerce world, we had to think smarter, dream bigger, and work harder.

We've assembled an energetic team of gutsy, driven, and creative employees who are virtually unstoppable. No bureaucrats or clock watchers here—just hard workers with an adventurous and entrepreneurial spirit. Our passion is as infectious now as it was when we first started. So whether we're launching a new site or competing in a Halloween costume contest, we truly give it our all.

Step in our halls and you'll find Quidsi really does have something different. We thrive in an open work environment where thinking big is a way of life. We're never content with the status quo; we're always pushing forward, wondering, "What if?"

Quidsi at Play

Something for Everyone

Who says work can't be fun? Check out the ways we play at Quidsi. And if these activities aren't for you, you can always start your own thing.

Quidsi School of Rock

For Athletes

- Quidsi's co-ed intramural sports are a great way to get some exercise & bond with your fellow Quidsians. We compete in leagues and pick-up games of softball, volleyball, basketball, and soccer throughout the year.

For Social Butterflies

- Bond with your fellow Quidsians at Be Open Bars, offsite happy hours, in-house fitness classes, group lunches, and more!

For Voracious Readers

- Whether you're a fan of fiction, non-fiction, or biography, literary lunches sponsored by the Quidsi Book Club are a great way to dish on what you loved (or loathed) about each month's pick.

For Beer Aficionados

- If you're tired of the same old brews, discover something new in the Quidsi Beer Club. Members meet regularly to sample and discuss flights of domestic & imported beers of all varieties—from pilsners to porters.

For Film Buffs

- From Oscar Winners to underground indie flicks, Quidsi's Film Club aims to expose its members to everything the medium has to offer. Every month, members designate a movie to view and discuss in the office (and sometimes out at the theater!)

For Rockers

- Striking a chord with budding musicians, the Quidsi School of Rock offers subsidized bass, guitar, piano, drum, and vocal lessons at a local music studio just a short walk from the office.

For the Health Conscious

- Take advantage of Quidsi's Employee Gym Membership at Base in Jersey City. Quidsi also offers on-site fitness classes, including Boot Camp and Yoga.

Quidsi Cares

Lending a Hand

At Quidsi, we love to give back to our Jersey City community, and to the communities of our customers around the globe. That's why the Quidsi Volunteer Club arranges fundraisers and volunteer events where our employees can come together to help out. Whether it's donating backpacks to the Boys and Girls club, raising money for March of Dimes, volunteering at the local animal shelter, or donating supplies to the American Red Cross, the QVC is serious about doing good.

Valentine's Day at York Street